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3 unexpected factors for the Candy Brick Quality Guarantee



50 shadows of quality


Buyers say to search for “quality“.

Sellers say to offer “quality“.

The problem is that everyone has its own definition of “quality“.

Visit the cheapest house for sale with pool in Croatia. They will tell you “bla bla very good quality bla bla“.

See now the most expensive property for sale in Istria. You will surely hear “bla bla the best quality bla bla“.

As a consequence, the word “quality is one of the most abused and empty word ever. Well, at least until you don’t give it the right definition.


Candy Brick’s definition of quality


Many tourists rent villas during each summer. Elements of the interior are solid and resistant: no “IKEA” or “made in China”.

As an investor you may be wanting to re-sell the villa after few years of rental. Functional project with interesting particularities. Solid construction from the fundamentals to the roof will allow you to monetise your investment in few years.

Candy Brick villas last and are projected to grow in value over years.


Highest price can be misleading


Price seems to be a good indication of quality.

Higher price ⏩ better quality.

Lower price ⏩ lower quality.

That would be rational. But, as it is simple and fast to manipulate the numbers, never use the price as the only indication of the quality.

When there is no brand behind the product, the quality evaluation based on the price is very misleading.

Remember this simple trick that no-name sellers or developers use with inexperienced or lazy investors, who want to get “a good quality” (without defining the quality).

The trick is to put a high price comparing to alternatives to proof the “quality.

There are multiple villas in Istria priced at about 1 mln euro.

Does such price guarantee you the quality?

DEFINITELY NOT. And with the following example you’ll find out why.


Very wealthy investors don’t have time and focus to watch the builders’ hands


I’m not doubting the person, who offers you his villa in Istria for 1 mln euro, has spent 700.000 euro to build it.

Most probably he spent all this money and even more!

What you observe, especially when visiting capital consuming projects, is that workers are left themselves choosing materials and making decisions on how to build. 

You can tell me now, but there should a person responsible for the realisation according to the project. Yes and it is the supervisor (building inspection).


Where the hell is the building inspection?!


In projects other than Candy Brick, the supervisor is often a busy architect. He visits the construction side only to put his signatures, when phases are completed.

The quality risks even more, when the project is financed by a company out of Croatia. Without a true local presence as Candy Brick has (office in Vodnjan few minutes from the Candy Brick properties) the quality suffers.

Foreign investors order the realisation of the project and then leave back to their country.

When a mix of a not-present developer and a supervisor only in documents occur, a lot of money will be spent and the quality will be miserable.

And at the end of the project there is nothing that can be done.

Well, maybe the only thing could be putting a high price to mislead the buying investor.

A well-written agreement between developer and the building company is a MUST, but don’t be fool to think that it will guarantee the quality of the house.

So what is it then??


Foundations for the Candy Brick Quality Guarantee: constant supervision, full engagement, multi-dimensional expertise, not a one-shot project, but a long-term plan for the brand


Apart of a well-written agreement and understanding of the project & its materials (standard and “must have”), what really protects the quality are 3 factors that only Candy Brick has:


  • An engaged supervisor with at least 30 years of experience. An engineer, who studies our projects (days and days of studies), explains the project to the builders in practical terms (not once, but at every phase) and is present almost every day on the construction side.


  • Developer’s expertise from the financial, legal and technical perspective and local and constant presence. A developer, who tries to coordinate the project from another country. Yes, we’ve seen this too in Istria :O Or another city or even only from the office desk will FAIL and so will the investors who buy from such developer. In practical terms, apart of an external supervisor, the developer must have a Project Manager, its inner “quality checker”, who is every day at the construction side, checking progress, choosing the materials, motivating builders and making sure everything is under control. Not to forget, that the Project Manager and the supervisor must be on the same wavelength. What we have never seen that beyond Candy Brick.


  • Not building and selling houses, but realising a long-term development plan. Candy Brick builds villas for investors, who want to have properties generating 20.000 – 25.000 euro each summer and manages villas over years. If it’s Candy Brick doing the “villa management and renting it to tourists”, apart of you, the villa owner, also Candy Brick benefits from “indestructible” villas. What’s more, all in all, prevention is cheaper than cure.


This 3 factors are what characterises the Candy Brick Quality Guarantee.


What is the quality without the Candy Brick Quality Guarantee? Only an abused and empty word used by non-name sellers to pitch you their houses at very high prices.


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