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Why only with Candy Brick can you achieve the best out of your new villa in Istria?

Last month the director of our partner company for the laundry services, told me: “Marta, in the last winter and spring months, nobody was working. Nobody except you!

And then: “You are having guests all the time, every week, 12 months a year, in more villas. Before that, I used to get the job only in the summer. How do you do such a good, intensive and continuous rental?

He knows it quite well, as he receives the laundry from us at any guest departure 😉

Indeed, he asked me and my team to manage also his property in Pula and recommended us for one quite big rental property close to the Arena in Pula 🙂
As an investor, who is thinking of having a new villa in Istria, this should be very interesting for you.  

Why only with Candy Brick & Seaways Villas can you achieve the best out of your villa?

When I say the best out of your villa, I mean the following:
the highest and constant rental income, minimizing the costs, maximizing the guests’ satisfaction, and therefore boosting the future revenues and the value of your villa.

There are several “secrets” included in our rental strategy

  1. 1. Intense and constant work in renting out the villas: searching for the guests, offering them the best possible service, no matter if it’s summer, or winter, or Easter, and if it’s cold, or hot, or there is a pandemic ongoing. We are active 365 days a year, and your villa is always ready to host the guests!
  2. 2. Focus on cost minimization, as we try to manage everything internally, which for us means more control and fewer costs. Therefore, we avoid expensive agencies and external services which involve different subcontractors, providing ourselves the best and fastest service. This is why we can offer you such a limited all-inclusive 20% commission on your rental income.

But there is a key factor that really makes the difference:

Guests satisfaction!

Why the guests’ satisfaction is so important?

Past guests’ satisfaction is key for the future guests’ decision, as well as for improving dramatically the ranking of your villa among all the portals and all the engine research.

Do you want some proof?

This is the income (bookings for 2021 so far) of one villa at the 2nd year of rental, after receiving such good reviews and ranking:
Below you can see the difference in terms of views (villa’s profile visualizations) from the potential guests.

The first one is the villa managed by us, and the second one is a new listing. 
One of the villas managed by Seaways Villas on Booking.com: over 0,5 mln of views, 58 bookings in a year for this single villa.
New listing for Seaways: a lot of room for growth on Booking.com.
In addition, on another sales platform – Airbnb – from July 2021, we will be Superhost, and this should give an additional boost to reservations and income!
And of course, to become a Superhost, a key role is played by guests reviews and satisfaction.
Why are the guests so happy with us?
Me and our property manager and a wonderful host: Isabella (on the left)
What we focus on is:

– being quick, responsive, flexible, in any moment they need;
– Isabella and the other members of the team are extremely kind, patient, and gentle, in every situation;
– warm check-in & check-out;
– active help with tips, offers, organization of activities and services if required;
– we “cuddle” your guests from the very first message they write to us, in this way they feel welcome, safe, and in good hands.

The guests of your villa appreciate all this a lot, therefore they leave happy (often with some gift) and in many cases, they are willing to come back.

In addition, the villas are modern, beautiful, comfortable, close to the sea, surrounded by nature, with beaches very near and services at walking distance.

They couldn’t make a better choice!

In this email, I wanted to mention this aspect because it is really key to your investment.

Other houses in the area, struggle to make even half of the result.

And it is not only about the rental income, but rather, how it is generated, and what is behind the scene.

With a Candy Brick villa, we don’t want “just to make some rental income”.

Our common goal is to achieve a solid and long-lasting “much higher than average” rental income, with the overall financial result improving over time together with the value of your house.

To achieve this objective, good market demand is not enough: what makes the difference is the attitude, passion, consistency, humanity, with the desire of improving and doing better any single day.

We love it and we do it, making all this story beautiful, unique, long-term lasting, and pleasant 🙂
Update on Laguna Marina

To conclude this email I would like to give you a further update on the Laguna Marina villas.
Last week, together with the chief architect and our engineer, we met the mechanical static engineer.

We presented to him that we want to limit the number of pillars under the oriel, which is covering the outside terrace, the barbeque zone, and the sundeck, as we want to achieve a modern look. 

The engineer analyzed the project and already gave us the great news that we won’t need many pillars as he will increase the quantities of steel and concrete to hold our modern ideas 🙂

Following the part with the engineer, we defined that the gutters will be hidden in the facades (a successful solution from Silent Valley in use for a few years).

In addition, we would like to have natural stone in the BBQ zone, joining in this way modern villa with the elements of the Istrian/Mediterranean tradition. 

Last week we also met the mechanical engineer, and we are waiting for the exact calculations in order to select the most effective solution for the heating & cooling system.

Later on, we will move ahead with projecting the installation of the photovoltaic panels in your villa. As we want that in Laguna Marina, you benefit from the solar energy, as the villas in Silent Valley do!

Coming soon!
One great news: next weekend I should be able to present you with the first renders and 3d visualization of the houses 🤩

Together with the layout, you will be able to have a clear idea of how your villa will look like.

I will share it with you, together with a sample of the Letter of Intent.

Some houses received a high level of interest, therefore the time is coming for you to secure your favorite house!

Don’t miss the upcoming news!

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Best greetings from Istria!

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