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The best time EVER to invest in a villa in Istria!

The current market scenario creates the perfect conditions for you as an investor, and for the Candy Brick villas in the next years.


1 – Tourists’ highest demand EVER for private villas with pools in Istria!

Data speaks loud: tourist arrivals and overnights stays are at record levels.

Most importantly, Istria is dominating the scene.

Despite being a relatively small county, in July 2021 Istria reached 6.7 million overnight stays, much higher than any other region in Croatia (Split-Dalmatia 4.7m, Primorje-Gorski 4.7m, Zadar 4.3m, Dubrovnik 1.5m).

While Italy, Greece, and Spain are losing respectively 51%, 42%, and 74% of overnight stays compared to the pre-pandemic period – Istria is continuously gaining and the high-spending tourists demand is at record levels!

This record demand in Istria is the result of stunning locationsvery favorable logistics conditions, (most people can reach Istria quite easily by car) and tourism-friendly policies (revenues from tourism are around 20% of the country’s GDP).

As a micro-segment, private villas with private pools are outperforming any other alternative. The strong preference for privacy, space, and private accommodations, is likely to stay.

All these positive elements are set to remain for quite a long time, as Istria is expected to continue outperforming its competitors, due to its attractiveness, logistics, safety, and market conditions.

2 – Limited supply and market shortage

You can verify it by yourself.

If you are familiar with Booking.com or Airbnb platforms, you can just try to research a private villa with a pool in Istria, available for the next few days, or next week.

What you will find is, absolutely nothing!

And even if some villa pops up, it will be gone in a few hours or… minutes… just see:

Click the image below & watch the video!

This is the result of the growing demand…but not only.

It is also a consequence of the relatively limited supply.
New modern private villas are built, but the amount is limited.
Bigger projects made by foreign investors are not very common, due to several market barriers (financials, language, laws, bureaucracy, contractors, etc).
I know well, how hard it is at the beginning!

As Candy Brick, we are definitely ready to benefit from the current market conditions, creating a few more beautiful and modern projects, and optimizing the rental business at our best.
The right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

As a consequence of the demand-supply situation and market shortage, we can definitely expect a further rise in prices.
That means, higher future rental income for you, likely exceeding the €40,000 gross annual threshold.
But that also means, rising house prices, and the higher value of your villa in the next years!

3 – Pandemic and other related issues

Most guests are coming from Central Europe. Istria is easy to reach by car. Istria is full of nature and always had a very low number of cases, being almost a Covid-free region.
Plus, our villas offer privacy and space, which is currently very important.

For this reason, we have nothing to worry about and are likely to continue “stealing” a significant portion of the market share from the competitors.

4 – Financial conditions

Liquidity is currently a cost.

Banks pay nothing to keep your funds deposited.

Bonds pay almost nothing.

Stocks are at record highs, therefore there are increasing risks of a market correction.

How to get some decent and solid returns?

A Candy Brick villa can be a good answer to that, as it unites financial return + the pleasure of owning a modern villa in a stunning environment!

In addition, the upcoming introduction of the Euro is likely to make things easier and boost investments (and prices).

Considering that financing is now extremely cheap, such an investment seems to be a logical financial decision.


Right now, cheap liquidity and favorable financial conditions are creating the ideal scenario for investing in a private villa in Istria.

Rental prices for our villas are likely to rise, especially in the high season, as a result of a market shortage.
That means, rising rental income for you, likely exceeding the €40,000 annual gross barrier.

Market demand is likely to stay very solid, higher than supply, with a strong preference towards private villas with private pools, privacy, and Istria’s healthiness and safety.
That means for you, very solid and long-term sustainable rental income.

The value of your property is likely to continue growing, both in terms of pure property and investment products.
The introduction of the Euro is going to remove barriers and simplify procedures and transactions, boosting investments and increasing the attractiveness of the country.

At the same time, Candy Brick’s brand, reputation, and expertise keep improving.
That means, best possible service offered to your guests and a higher ranking for your villa among the competitors and the portals. 

By having us fully managing your villa, you have nothing to worry about.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe that a modern private villa in Istria, means both:

– a great choice in a beautiful location and a pleasure to enjoy
– a very solid and long-term lasting investment decision

This is the reason why we keep developing projects in this region, selling a few villas and keeping part of them for my company, as that means recurrent income and value-growth for me.

If you have any feedback for me, please share, and I would be very happy to answer you 🙂

Marta Stone
Seaways Villas d.o.o. 
✆ +385 97 708 7990 
✉ marta.stone@candybrick.com

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