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We are a "Superhost"! 🏆 Why is it important for you and the rental management of your villa?

I am very happy about all your feedback regarding the project “Laguna Marina”, which comes in with the rental management.
As you noticed, everything is going great – from the beautiful location to the contemporary style – every single item and square meter in this project really makes sense 😊 
But if you are a real estate investor, numbers are also definitely important
I am sure that in the process of selecting your next property to invest in, you pay close attention to the profitability of the rental business and the rental management.
More importantly, you must focus both on: 

  • the current numbers of the rental
  • the quality of the rental management that we offer to your guests, which determines the future growth, solidity, and long-term sustainability of your revenues. 

One of the most popular booking platforms – Airbnb – determined that thanks to our rental management we are a Superhost! 
What does that mean? 
Airbnb Superhosts offer their guests outstanding services ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Airbnb assigns the status of Superhost after the host meets certain requirements in terms of guests’ satisfaction, number of bookings, response rate, etc. 
It takes some hard work to get there, and only a minority of hosts managing more properties at the same time can achieve this result!


At the links below you can find some of the guests’ reviews in a few properties that we manage.

This is one reason why our villas are quite well ranked in the main portals, meaning that they get more views and more bookings!

How do we achieve such high guests satisfaction? 

  • The villas are beautiful and the guests love staying there, enjoying the houses and the pool.
  • The location is great, close to the sea, and in some cases a walking distance to the town.
  • Most important: we manage the rental business internally, meaning that we have a team composed of passionate and multi-language people who are fully dedicated to hosting, welcoming, cuddling, and helping the guests to have a great experience in our villas.

That is much different than most owners do, or than a “cold” tourist agency!

Our main Property Manager, Isabella, put such a great effort into that, and every single day all the guests feel well treated and taken care of! 


If you are planning to own a Candy Brick villa, our title of “Superhost” is definitely great news for you!

The following benefits are waiting for you:

– The Superhost badge is visible next to your villa’s name;

– Guests will see your villa in search results and emails, increasing the ranking and the views;

– Guests are more likely to trust and choose your villa, meaning that you can expect inquiries and bookings to increase;

– More bookings mean more revenues: according to Airbnb, Superhosts earn an average of 22% more than other hosts.


As you can see, being still in July, we can say that our villas expect to reach €40,000 gross rental income in 2021.

This result is significantly higher than most 3-bedroom properties in Istria.

It is the result of persistent hard work, very high guest satisfaction, and off-season rental which makes your villa on the market all year long.


This is highly possible.

The nightly rate of your villa could increase a little, as its “ranking” and “reputation” increase.
At the same time, the occupancy rate should remain very solid.

We are a Superhost! 🥳
You can be a Super-Investor, setting up a great long-term lasting partnership.

Questions? Comments? You can always contact me for the details.


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