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How do we make it a profitable & stress-free investment?

Imagine that today you sign a contract to be an owner of a Candy Brick villa! 🎉

It is very important for you to make sure that your investment will give the best results in terms of:

  • beauty and quality of the house;
  • financial rental income;
  • security, care, protection of your investment;
  • stress-free model

In this way, you optimize your results and minimize your worries

1. We help you to get a fast & easy company set up 

Making real estate investments through a Croatian company is the best way, as it means that you can:

  • get 25% VAT back;
  • benefit from tax optimization;
  • become a financeable Croatian entity for the Croatian banks in a couple of years of running the rental business.

We can help you to open the company in Croatia and its bank account. 
It requires just a few days and everything is easy. 
The set-up cost is very limited, and so is the maintenance/accounting.

You can read detailed information by clicking the button below:

2. Your investment is secured

In the contract, there is maximum protection for you as a buyer. 

First of all, you pay the initial 10% to the public notary, who releases the payment only when the building permit is obtained. 

After that, each payment is following a statement by the supervisor of the construction, that everything is done according to the project.
Given this, each time before making a payment you can make sure that the step has been successfully accomplished. In addition, you are granted a possibility to engage your own supervisor and inspect the construction phases. 

Third thing, as soon as the plot has been divided, you are pre-registered in the court as the future owner

Moreover, your payments are registered at the court and the land registry. 

An additional, protection for you is that in each project as Candy Brick we keep around 50% of the villas because we are mostly interested in increasing company value and in the long-term rental income.
Given this strategy, while you become the owner of 1 house in Laguna Marina, we will be owning 4 or 5 houses, and renting out all of them.
That means, we have a very strong interest that the project is well done, beautiful, completed, and fully rented. 
We have a total union of interest, as we are keeping an important part of the project, and all the villas will be managed and rented out under our brand and reputation.
This long-term common interest is a very important additional safety for your investment.

3. We take care of your rental business 📞💝🧹🏠✨

We do marketing, sales to the guests, and we take care of the guests and your villa.

We do our best to make as much as possible income out of your villa, only charging a limited commission for our in-house rental management.

Please see an example of the results (rental income + guests experience), which we are bringing to an owner of one of the villas from the previous project, a villa named today by the guests as “Airbnb goals” 🥰

Hard and continuous efforts in marketing, branding, and guests management, are paying off as the average annual rental income in our villas is significantly higher than most competitors.

Please read carefully the reviews for this villa, this is what our team can bring you! 

4. Stress-free maintenance of your villa

We do not only maximize your rental income with our sales forces, but we also fully take care of your property (cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance).

You get never disturbed because a guest is requesting something, or because an item in your villa is broken.
Our team takes care of everything, in order to maintain your villa in the best way, also limiting your costs and time dedicated.

Therefore, your investment is really stress-free, as you can benefit from our full management and maintenance of the villa.

With a Candy Brick villa, you achieve everything in one place – a modern beautiful villa with a pool in a stunning location, and a very profitable, solid, secure, and stress-free investment.

Candy Brick project – Laguna Marina

I am communicating with many of you, and I am looking forward to knowing who is the last investor in Laguna Marina!

Layouts, renders of single villas, interiors, prices: please find HERE.

For any additional questions, please send me an email.

Marta Stone
Seaways Villas d.o.o. 
✆ +385 97 708 7990 

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