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What is Candy Brick doing right now?

  • Managing and renting the finished villas. That is happening with good results and a lot of happy guests;
  • Preparing the construction of Laguna Solevante, while waiting for the release of the building permits;
  • Developing the Laguna Porto project together with Studio Kaic;
  • Working on the final stage of Laguna Marina villas and its accomplishment.

Laguna Marina: The outer and inner design of the project is very clear at this point

The installation of the cooling and heating equipment has started 

The built-in furniture for Laguna Marina has been produced and it is ready for the installation

Different teams are following the above-mentioned topics.

We are deeply engaged in monitoring and refinement, actively seeking areas for enhancement to shape a better future.

It’s important to note that the projects mentioned above are completely sold, there are are no available villas at the moment.

In addition to that, we are also 

  • Analyzing, selecting, and negotiating the lands for the next projects.

New project: current situation 

At the current time, we have selected a few potential locations for the future Candy Brick villas.

We are trying to choose the best in terms of the beauty of the location, sea view, growth potential, and financial conditions.

The goal is always the same: putting together profitability and beauty, while creating a piece of happiness for us and for all the guests.

A few steps need to be executed:

  • A feasibility study is essential to comprehensively comprehend what actions can be taken and how, ensuring proactive measures are in place to prevent future obstacles or complications
  • Rental market analysis;
  • Financial estimations to understand the project profitability and the potential future capital appreciation;
  • Analysis of other planned investments in the area in order to increase the future valuations in such location;
  • Price and purchase conditions negotiations.

These activities, and much more, are necessary before confirming the next Candy Brick project.

I always say that the most crucial stages in a project are the first ones.
The selection of the project and the cooperation with the architect’s studio to plan the project. Such decisions have a permanent and decisive impact on project success.
After that, it’s all about implementing past decisions in terms of construction, and future rental management.

For this reason, it takes some time until we can confirm the next project.

Please note: 

that is in your interest because you want to be part of the best project, at the best conditions, with the highest compromise between beauty, value, and profitability.

I must confess that one of the things I learned from the past years is that, the rush is not a good friend.
Actions carried out hastily, whether driven by impatience or the desire to please, frequently fail to yield optimal outcomes.

On the other hand, your partnership with us has long-term objectives, therefore it is extremely important to create solid projects and make the best decisions.

What do we know so far?

The new project will offer the following characteristics:

  • Modern villas regardless of the type of construction
  • Modern interior design
  • Location in the eastern part of Istria, where the highest growth potential stands. All our guests love the area and it has still a lot to develop in terms of services and valuations. That is our best choice, as I often repeat
  • Sea view. In some of the projects under analysis, there is a magnificent open sea view. In some others, the sea and the beach are very close.
  • Full rental management.

Those features make a Candy Brick villa different from just “some house in Istria” and therefore highly valuable at a limited availability

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