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Tourism in Istria: New record in May!

The statistics keep rising and showing that Istria is a prosper destination to invest in.


The reliable source found in Istria Tourist Board website, shows that Candy Brick chose the perfect location to initiate its project, the Candy Brick villas in Matelici, Marcana. 


The data is analysed monthly. The months are compared in relation to last year’s, between May 2017 and May 2018.


The figures show, the amount of tourists that decided to choose Istria as their holiday destination, and how long their staying in the region lasted.  


Based on those numbers shown, we can observe that more people are arriving to Istria, and those people are also staying much longer than they used to.


According to the table above, there was an increase of 33% of total arrivals, and the overwhelming total increase of the overnight stays by 1.1 million more than last year!


Istria is a prosper investment destination, but in particular, Marcana!


Another interesting factor, is that Marcana, where the modern Candy Brick villas are situated; in Matelici plot to be more specific, had the overnight stays increased by more than 100%, and the number of arrivals comparing to last year, increased by 300%!!! That is an incredible amount increase.


If we take as Marcana as a comparison to the other areas that received more tourists, we can notice that none of them had the same increase, not even close to 300%.


But why are high value tourists staying in villages like Marcana, and not the Central main areas?


As the great majority of the people that come to Istria, are from countries within a driving distance, for example; from Austria the driving distance takes only 5 hours. If a German tourist decides to leave, from the south region of Germany, for example Munich, to Istria, he or she will spend 6 hours and a half to drive the distance of 582 km. Those higher numbers are due to the area Istria is located.


The main and most known areas are becoming too overcrowded, there is too many people for not so much capacity of receiving those people. 


The facility that tourists have to drive to Istria, is affecting and increasing the number of people that don’t necessarily have to stay in central areas. Therefore, there is no urge of staying in an area of easy access to public transport, for example.


Let’s take Marcana as an example again. The driving distance from Candy Brick Villas in Matelici to Pula, is 20 minutes, probably shorter than the period you would wait for a public transport to pass by, which makes the location of the villas really accessible to drive to the city or the sea if you wish.


There is also the factor of a high value tourist’s profile, the privacy of staying little bit further from main areas, in small villages and towns around, is much more unique and appealingA luscious property, right in between the city and the sea,  and not in a popular area is what they look for.


The Istrian culture is particular also.


The richness of the flavours in Istrian cuisine is unique. Olive oil, sea food and truffles are also things that high value tourists look for. Istria has got it, and in great quantities.




But, where do they come from?


Another interesting data that the Istria Tourist board website offers, is the tourists country of origin.


Istria is rising interest from a lot of countries. Even their own nationals are getting more attracted, and interested in the region. 8% of Croatians from other areas flocked to Istria in May 2018. Fourteen thousand new arrivals comparing to May 2017.


Austria for example, had 158 thousand residents that visited Istria this years generating 545 thousand overnight stays, is an exceptional number of tourists an average of more or less 3.4 overnight stays per person. Austria is responsible for 15% of the overall amount of tourists that visit Istria monthly. 


Germany is the greater responsible for the amount of tourists visiting stria, 33.22% to be more precise.  What is impressive about their numbers is not the amount of arrivals, but the amount of overnight stays generated with those arrivals, a total of  over 1 million overnight stays 100% increase. The average period of staying is 6.2 nights per individual.


Having in mind that the whole Istria population amount is 206.344, all of those numbers are impressive and they keep rising.


Candy Brick will attract tourists, development, bring investors and quality to Istria!


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