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See the "Garden Plan" of Laguna Marina! 🌺

Last week I showed you modern interior design, as a crucial element among the ones determining the result of your villa in terms of quality, beauty, and rental income.

Another key element is the well-planned outside area, which includes the garden plan

Landscape design and garden plan – Why is it important?

In most real estate developments in Croatia, landscape design and garden planning are mostly ignored by all the parties involved in the project. 

As a result, you find yourself buying a villa, with a project, that doesn’t present you with a functional, attractive, and well-defined plan for the outside area and the plants

As a consequence, you may have a nice house, but then you struggle with multiple inconveniences when it comes to the outside area.

For example:

  • the entrance gate may not be comfortable enough when coming with a wider car;
  • rubbish bins may be placed in an unorganized and not functional way outside the house;
  • you could have no attractive spot for placing an outside jacuzzi;
  • the ground may not be ideal for you to start planting some plants, therefore you may have to buy it again 😬

In Laguna Marina, from the start, apart from planning the inner layout of the villas, we also focused a lot on planning the outside areas of the villas, trying to reach the maximum comfort and hassle-free maintenance

1. Gates

Each villa of Laguna Marina has a 6 meters wide car gate with an automated opening.

The opening of the gate differs from plot to plot depending on the need of each plot. 

In particular, the gates of Sea View Imperial villas are telescopic gates, while the gates of Exclusive Gardens offer a double-leaf opening

All that is defined in the project, which is a part of the preliminary contract. 

2. Rubbish bins

In Laguna Marina, each rubbish bin has its defined position inside the plot. 

Interesting is that, when planning this project, the municipality of Marcana still had not been providing the houses with a waste segregation plan. 

We anticipate their move: starting this month, the waste segregation system is active, and Laguna Marina is ready for all the 3 bins provided by the waste-collecting company 🤗

You can spot the place for the rubbish bins from the images above 😊

3. Jacuzzi

A finished new villa with a private pool, is so attractive and high requested, that it doesn’t need much additional equipment. 

However, we expect that over time, you may be willing to invest something extra in your rental property. 

An example of such an investment could be equipping the villa with an outside jacuzzi 😊

The project of the villa in Laguna Marina provides your plot with adequate installations for the outside jacuzzi and the outside terrace contains a special place for it 😊

This makes things really easier and cost-effective when you decide to go for a jacuzzi. 

Every villa of Laguna Marina offers a special place for the outside jacuzzi equipped with installations 

4. Garden plan

The villas of Laguna Marina are delivered with finished gardens so that you don’t need to worry about it 😊

Every single m2 of the plot has been planned, and now you will see what kind of plants and in what quantities will be planted! 😊

But first of all, please see what were our main objectives from the gardens. 

What were our main expectations from the garden plan?

  • Some parts of the garden need to be “instagrammable”, which helps to optimize your rental business. It would be perfect to have a general Mediterranean look, taking also a bit of exotic vibe from some plants (holiday look);
  • Low-maintenance garden solutions. That means resistant plants, limited watering needs, rather drop by drop solution better than sprinklers.
  • Consider the dimensions of the plants, and not planting them in the wrong places – the branches, and the roots, so that it doesn’t affect the facade or the view!
  • The project needs to offer something interesting in terms of the colors in different seasons. Plus, we need an effective solution for the cascades of Laguna Marina. 
  • The plants need to guarantee privacy between the houses. Those plants need to be fast-growing.

We have been working on these main parameters, and today I would like to share with you:

Above you can see the color palette for our gardens 🥰

In order to achieve this effect, we are choosing the following plants:

Where and how are they planted?

Everything is defined in the planting plan, which is attached to the preliminary contract. 

See below a sample planting plan for one of the villas in Laguna Marina – Sea View Imperial A1. 

Laguna Marina – garden design

There are still a few improvements in progress. For example, a plant of rosemary will be added close to the outside kitchen, so that you can flavor your oven-baked potatoes 🥔😘

However, the plan is 99% defined, and we are very satisfied with the landscape design. 

  • Our “instagrammable” hibiscus flower from the logo of Laguna Marina can be found close to every entrance;
  • The garden is planned in a way that after the first 3 years it will need a very limited amount of water (= low maintenance costs);
  • Seasons are bringing changes to some plants in terms of colors, what’s also very attractive;
  • The plants are offering privacy between the villas. 

Please let me know your first impressions and feedback!

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