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Weather conditions can influence your investment property in Croatia 

Delay due to weather conditions?

There might be a delay on the construction of your investment property in Croatia if the weather is not ideal, making the building site location crucial to achieve great long term quality results and to know how the effect or delays are going to affect your construction.

Luckily, Candy Brick chose to base its investment properties in Croatia. The region is blessed with great weather specially during the high summer season when temperatures can reach the maximum average of 28 degrees.


But why is the weather important for the construction of your investment property in Croatia? 

Weather can affects different aspects of the construction, not only the rainy days can affect the result and deadline of the construction but the overall environment can change reactions on the materials used, let’s say for example…concrete.

Concrete is a mixture of sand and gravel or crushed stone; the paste is water and cement. Mixtures do not set below a certain temperature, and therefore all work involving the drying of cement cannot proceed below a certain temperature.


In Matelici the process is reversed as the mixture dries out quickly due to weather temperatures, the concrete has to be wetted, in order to achieve its requirements and conditions to settle and harden properly.

Adding water to the cement starts a chemical reaction called hydration. The cement and water are transformed into beneficial calcium silicate hydrate compounds.

These compounds are the glue that hold the aggregates together, creating the hard material we know as concrete.

This process is called curing which is simply the process of keeping the hardened concrete moist so that it can continue to gain strength and as the concrete gets stronger and denser, its porosity decreases.

Zdravko Đokić laying the concrete of Candy Brick villa 3 in Matelici.

Cold weather vs warm weather

Are the conditions in Istria favourable for construction?

The materials behave differently on the cold weather and the heat. By anticipating the affects that low or high temperatures have on your business, you can adjust your scheduling and building methods accordingly.

In doing so, you can minimise the impact on efficiency and ensure that your projects are completed on schedule.

Cold weather brings humidity and difficulty for the materials to harden and settle. For companies in the construction industry, cold weather means higher costs.

And for Candy Brick? What are the conditions?

In Istria as shown above on the graphs the temperature is stable and high over the summer months. There are other few requirements that our project manager, constructor and workers make sure to follow, for example…the brick.

Soaking the bricks with water follows the same concept as the concrete, noting that the brick must be soaked and not wet as the concrete, that step is crucial to guarantee that the mortar settles perfectly in-between the bricks keeping the structure safe, strong and robust.

– The bricks must be moist and soaked to receive the mortar in warm conditions. To settle the mortar between the bricks in cold conditions the temperature must not go below zero, but in Matelici the chances for this conditions are also below zero.

– The Wood used in the villas in Matelici are stored in dry conditions and protected against any insects that could be possibly damage the wood in the reliable material providers. In this case because the weather in Istria is on construction’s favour the storage then becomes the most important detail.

The wood eating insects can be divided into four categories:

– carpenter ants,

– termites,

– bark beetles and woodborers

– powderpost beetles.

Once the wood is installed a product that repeals and protect the wood from those insects is applied making the wooden roof safe for many years avoiding leakage and damages so that no costly repairs are necessary.

– The Metal also requires special storage avoiding damage and rustiness. There are two types of metal used in the construction to support the are called Armaturne mreže, that are the canvas for the fundamentals.

Candy Brick Project Manager and Engineer also make sure that the concrete is not made with sea sand. Dusan Ivkovic informs that sea sand affects the metal, eating away the iron and releasing the salt afterwards which can affect the superficial wall layers and paint in the future.

From Materials to Numbers

The weather conditions and financial situation are favourable for Candy Brick to start its constructions in Istria.

Between December 2017 and January 2018, there was a growth in the volume of construction works of 6.8% annually.

Analysts from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce say that this represents the highest growth recorded since back in December 2016. France Spain and Great Britain are experiencing stagnation.

“The Croatian construction sector has been followed the global financial crises. From the aspect of production and revenue, construction has been almost halved over the past several years.

Concerning the current situation and actual trends (series of infrastructure projects were launched: bridges, roads, highways), construction sector has recently recovered. It is facing a turning point with new potential for smart and sustainable growth.

According to financial results for 2016 and 2017 the construction sector is recovering from the recession and shrinking markets.The sector is expected to improve, supported by a general recovery in the economy”

Odsjek za graditeljstvo i komunalno gospodarstvo – Construction and Utility Services Depart

Considering all of those factors:

– Location;

– Weather conditions that allows the constructors to build a high quality and safe property;

– Construction sector situation;

Candy Brick is building reliable quality investment properties, generating high rental income for investors and €30,000 rental guarantee.

Searching for the perfect investment property in Croatia?

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