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Investment opportunities in Croatia rise and shine

The more tourists come to visit the country, the more infrastructure is necessary to manage this demand and increase of arrivals

And this opens the door for investment opportunities in Croatia.

Something some people might not directly relate to the increase of tourists coming to the country during high seasons, is that the energy supply also has to increase providing enough electricity for the locals and visitors for that period.

Last year, Stjepan Talan from the Solvis company, producer of solar panels in Croatia, said:

“Now we export virtually everything we produce to countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria… as there is in fact no developing local market,” he said.

In 2017, the International Renewable Energy Agency, imported nearly 40 percent of Croatia’s energy needs, this move will decrease the necessity of importing energy.

For that reason, Orlec Trinket project will place the first non-integrated solar power plant of more than 1MW on the famous Island of Cres and Lošinj.

The company HEP (Hrvatska elektroprivreda dd), dominant state owned company, will invest 45 million kuna in the solar plant.

That will generate about 8.5 million kWh each year, which is enough of energy supply for around 20,000 houses.

The plant will have only 3 meters high so the development won’t affect the environment.

On a Greenpeace conference Zoran Tomić, director of Greenpeace Croatia, said:

“Despite the fact, Croatia has more than 90% of its days being sunny, the country is still at the bottom of the European list for taking advantage of this natural resource.”

Croatia has its energy supply generated, mostly from coal and hydroelectricity.

Having in mind that the country has a huge potential, with the average of 300 sunny days.

The amount of clean energy the country can produce is plentiful, creating many investment opportunities in Croatia.

Although the solar panel is going to supply in great quantities, the energy bill is not going to financially affect locals.

The energy the panel generates is going to be delivered to HEP and redistributed to locals for the standard electricity price.

The country is already taking steps towards clean energy, with e-mobility and solar energy.

Read Candy Brick’s article about E-mobility here

Candy Brick villas generate energy from the air and the sun.

Air heat pumps for cooling and heating appliances and solar collectors for heating water heating of your villa.

The system implemented on your villa is divided by 2 parts:

  • air pump
  • solar collector

The name of the systems are self explanatory, air pump generates energy from the air, and solar from sun.

The solar system doesn’t require electric energy for water heating (except for a small amount for the pumps). Water heating for your villa during the summer and winter.

On the other hand, the air pump needs also small amount electric energy.

During the summer the air pump runs, suppling energy for cooling system, placed in the bathrooms and living room.

During the winter, the air pump heats the water tubes flooring under layer, and radiators and heaters in the bathrooms.

The implementation of the system reduces CO2 emission:

  • Candy Brick system: 1.3 ton per year
  • LPG gas – regular: 3.5 tons per year

Those systems are not common in Croatia because of its pricing.

Short term thinking is to install a cheap system,(used LPG gas or only electricity) that will consume more on a long term prospect increasing electricity bills.

Candy Brick properties are built based on long term investment financial return.

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