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Candy Brick villa in Croatia: What is the Exit Strategy?


Where can you find a modern villa with pool; situated in a high-growing location, which generates €30,000 rental income?

Is that easy to find? 😉

Now, you need to add a couple of requirements, obligatory for a secure and safe property investment.

So, it must be a property which has its own “big thing”, for example: large windows overlooking the garden, high ceiling in the living room or sensory garden. This are things that add value to the real estate, increasing the will of having such property. Growing value means a higher sale price in few years from now.

Where can you find such a growing real estate market?

Let’s see Italy for example.


That’s what happened in Italy in last 10 years!

The prices of real estate in Italy have decreased between 26% and 53%!!!


Real estate prices growth in Istria (in Croatia)


To compare, let’s see now the developments in Istria.

The city which mostly reflects the growth in prices is Split, also a tourist destination




The positive trend in real estate prices in Istria is also reflected below: observe an increase of 3% between 2016 and 2017.


Source: Njuskalo – website with real estate offers


Increase in prices over years: consequences for you


With investment companies pumping money in Istria, developing its attractions and infrastructure, the trend of growing real estate prices in Istria is expected to continue in next years.

For you there are very important chances for an extra bonus in few years, at the date you want to exit your investment and sell your villa.


Standard procedure: searching for an agency, which says it will try to sell your villa


When you want to sell your house, the standard procedure is to go to a real estate agency.

They promise you to try to take care of the sale.

Then, you go to another agency.

They also say to bring you some clients.

In reality, they want to have as much as possible real estates in their portfolio and are not dealing with a certain category of clients.

In the morning they are selling a land for watermelons (there are EU funds in connected with such projects 😉 ), in the afternoon a tiny apartment for a young couple and in the evening they will think of how to promote you villa.

They don’t know your house, don’t have good pictures, don’t know how to valorize it and price correctly.

Your house will be just one of 240 from the portfolio, nothing else.

They sell your house or another, there’s no difference. Commission is always a commission.


Great house in your hand doesn’t mean an agency will sale it at an attractive price – what to do then?


If you have a good watch and want to sell it, you give it back to the concessionary.

He has do the maintenance for your watch since years and can guarantee the quality of the product for a new owner.

Imagine it’s a watch you paid 15.000 euro.

Concessionary can sale it with ease, you will get very good money, as customers buying at concessionary are secure to pay for an original product.

And what if you try to sell it on your own or with a no-name someone who had nothing in common with your watch?

You will sell it, but it will take much more time and people will doubt its an original watch and they will offer you money as for a fake one.


Candy Brick Exit Strategy Guarantee: sale your villa in the best possible way


Candy Brick Exit Strategy Guarantee: when you want to monetize your investment, Candy Brick takes the job to sell your villa.

Your villa will immediately reach a wide group of investors interested in buying your villa.

You will take an advantage of our expertise, sale skills and interpersonal skills and sale faster and better than with anyone else.

Obtain a maximum value from your investment and let us sale your villa!


The sale managed by Candy Brick will be free for you, if it won’t happen in a defined time or at price lower than the purchase price.



The Exit Strategy Guarantee is not the only one in the Candy Brick package of guarantees!

When you become an owner of a Candy Brick villa, you automatically obtain also:



Legal Guarantee be sure that your property do not have any kind of legal problem. Eliminate the risk of the future complications on the legal field, that would ruin your investment and obstacle or even unable the resale.



Quality Guarantee stay calm with the quality of the construction, finishing works and furniture. Satisfied clients leaving great reviews and unexpected costs limited near-to-zero are what you have with the Quality Guarantee.



Local Master Team Guarantee local people you can trust, a guarantee, that your guests and villa are in the best hands.



Rental Guarantee €30,000 guaranteed and stable income from your property



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