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Candy Brick Unveils its 6th Project: A Symphony of Luxury and Opportunity in Istria

Buckle up for an exciting ride as we gear up for our 6th Candy Brick project – an endeavor that promises to redefine luxury living in the captivating region of Istria.

This upcoming project is set to be truly exceptional with a unique location and distinct connection with the sea.

Anticipated Timeline

As the curtains rise on our upcoming venture, we understand your eagerness and anticipation.

“When do we start?” you ask. Behind this seemingly simple question lies an intricate web of planning and analysis essential for the success of this special project.

The planning involves a comprehensive analysis of the land, infrastructure, legal and administrative procedures, cost evaluation, rental market studies, negotiations, and much more.

Our past projects have equipped us with valuable experience, enabling us to make informed decisions for an optimal outcome.

Steps to Look Forward To

In next weeks, we will publish the start date of the new project, likely in November or December.

The first step involves signing the Reservation Agreement, accompanied by a minimal reservation fee, and securing your villa reservation.

A few months later, with detailed project documentation in hand, we’ll proceed to the official Preliminary Agreement.

At this stage, 10% of the purchase price will be paid, and the earlier reservation fee will be refunded.

The Preliminary Agreement will provide essential information, our commitments, and a clear vision of the final result.

Payment Plan

The payment plan follows the project’s progress.

This approach offers flexibility and ensures your financial planning aligns seamlessly with the construction phases.

For those considering bank financing, this approach may bring the potential benefit of lower interest rates during the second half of construction.

The estimated duration for villa construction is between 12 and 16 months, allowing for a comprehensive and carefully managed development process.

Consolidated Process for Your Protection (with Improvements!)

Beyond contractual provisions, your protection when investing in a Candy Brick villa is fortified by our active involvement, knowledge from past projects, and on-ground presence.

We are providing support, necessary documentation, and guidance.

Why Now?

In Istria, tourism remains robust, particularly in the Eastern area, presenting untapped potential. Current global scenarios, marked by elevated interest rates and geopolitical tensions, create favorable conditions for new projects.

While the current situation presents unique opportunities, it’s crucial to act promptly. As tensions ease, rates normalize, and growth persists, the chance to seize these advantageous conditions may diminish.

Exciting Times Ahead

Being strategically positioned during periods of rising valuations positions your assets for significant growth and sustained income.

In reality, progress doesn’t halt in the medium term, and Istria’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. Full development, especially in the area where we are investing, promises sustained growth and prosperity.

Stay tuned for more updates as we shape a future of luxury, opportunity, and enduring partnerships.

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