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Rental & Property management service

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Owning a Candy Brick villa, you not only have a beautiful modern property with a pool in Istria, but also a rental & property management service at your disposal at the most favorable conditions!

With the all-inclusive rental & management service for your villa, you can definitely achieve the best results in terms of rental income and guests satisfaction.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about rental & management related issues.

What is included?

With the Candy Brick full rental & property management service, you get:


/ Reservations & guests

Our sales and marketing strategies bring the reservations for your villa. We get the best out of each portal and marketing action.


/ Income optimization

We get the reservations in your villa during the whole year and not only in summer. This is done by actively searching for the guests in different seasons, with special offers and an excellent services. In this way, the average gross rental income for a Candy Brick villa in 2022 overcame €43,000 per year and even reached €51,600 in some villas that we manage.


/ Our team

Our internal team takes care of your villa and your guests, organizes the cleaning, laundry, manage your garden, and cleans your pool. The guests can reach our team 24/7.


/ Guest management

We welcome your guests at their arrival and greet them at their departure. We meet them during their stay, and dedicate them our time and attention.We really care about providing them with the best experience in Istria.


/ Our focus on your villa

Every Candy Brick villa is special for us, and our team dedicates time and energy to it. All members of our company know each villa in detail, making it easier to make the guests happy with their stay.

Rental & property management service: unique benefits for you


The average annual gross rental income was close to €45,000 in 2022. We are receiving guests in all seasons of the year, and this is happening due to a large effort of our team in terms of marketing, hosting and service offered to our guests!

Limited cost

We manage to provide you with all the above-mentioned services for a very limited commission of 20%. Out of the gross income, you only have to deduct some external portal fees (on average around 10%) and our 20% commission. Any alternative solution would cost you significantly more!

Stress-free situation

You can be sure that your business is managed by a team of reliable, capable, and motivated people. As we have a full interest in developing the rental business, you can be sure that our team takes care of everything at the best of our possibilities!

Happy guests

We have hosted thousands of happy guests so far. Positive reviews & high guest satisfaction are leading us to higher ranking & more reservations for all our villas!

How much does it cost?

The Candy Brick full rental & property management service is available to you as the owner of a Candy Brick villa at a commission of 20% calculated on the income of your villa.

In more detail, to get the base for the calculation of the management commission, the reservation fees charged by the portals are deducted from the gross rental income, and in this way you obtain the base for the management commission.

You can immediately see that, it's quite a low commission.

Indeed, you have to consider that it's not only "rental management" or "property management", but it's both the things together with only one commission!

How is it possible?

Managing everything internally helps. With our property management & maintenance team, we can reduce the costs.

In addition, the organization and the team are not only managing your house, but also the other villas in the same project, including our villas that we are not selling.

That means we are able to split some of the costs among more villas in the same project.

It required a lot of work - and it still does - but managing the rental business & property management internally, pays off.

direct reservations

Benefit from our own portal for direct bookings and reservations!

In order to offer the best booking conditions to the guests of your villa, we run our own booking website:

The guests find our Candy Brick villas on the search engine. Then, the guests can make the reservation and the payment for their stay online on our website.

Our booking system is synchroznied with the Channel Manager, which transfers the information between all the booking websites.

In this way the pricing and the availability of the Candy Brick villas are always up to date.

As an owner of a Candy Brick villa you can benefit from very advantageous booking fees for the reservations, which come from

At the same time, you always benefit from all the improvement in our business and organization.


Rental & property management team

These are the key people, who take care of your villa and your guests!


Rental & Property Management Director


Property Manager & Host


Villas Service & Maintenance

Reviews from our guests

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